The Royal Path

Royal Path Program is a Rites of Passage for adolescents who are at a point of transition in their life. This foundation aims to enlist such individuals into a 9-week program, grooming and molding them into outstanding citizens of society. We partner with families, volunteers, organizations and the community to inspire positive change in all. Throughout this program, enrolled candidates will complete a variety of programs and seminars to assist in their growth.





We help children achieve success in school, help them avoid risky behaviors such as getting into fights and trying drugs and alcohol, and help them improve their self-confidence. We hold ourselves accountable to our supporters by regularly measuring our impact. Seeking to change the lives of children facing adversity between 6 and 18 years of age. Our network of volunteers, donors and supporters comes from all walks of life, all background and all corners of the country. 


• 1-on-1 Mentoring relationships

• Life and Character Building Work Shops

• Weekly Meetings



The young people of today must cope with far more personal and social pressures than any other previous generation of youth. Early intervention through a structured mentor relationship may be able to give young people the tools and support they need to deal effectively with these pressures. Understanding the many social, psychological, and physical demands that the youth face is extremely important for any individual about to undertake the task of being a mentor.

Become A Mentor
Do you have what it takes?

Mentors’ roles fall into four categories:


  • Providing academic help and tutoring

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  • Providing career exploration assistance

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  • Providing emotional support

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  • Providing social experiences


It is common to hear the mentor described as:


  • Coach

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  • Guide

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  • Role Model

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  • Advocate

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